Thrive in the Student’s Journey

Deliver job-ready learning experiences to confidently equip your students with skills for the real world.

Let students take chances, make mistakes and learn more

Do you feel like students are exposed to limited resources and support for them to thrive in the real world? It is possible to provide safe lab environments that are freely accessible and equipped with industry applications where students can learn, make mistakes, and thrive with eduLAB.

Students receive individualised computer lab environments

that vary depending on the subject they are enrolled in. Students no longer need to book a college computer lab to use. With eduLAB, students have the flexibility to start their activities in class and finish in the comfort of their home.

In eduLAB’s safe learning environment,

we can easily reset a lab environment while other students are working on their labs when something goes wrong.

Students can print and access their Learning Management System (LMS)

while using industry-relevant applications from the eduLAB portal.