Flexibility & Scalability

Thrive in your education business

Utilise cloud-based computer labs for training that keep up with and adapts to changes in your business.

Flexible classroom and student number

Are you still relying on computer labs, which students share in a fixed location? eduLAB helps you turn any classroom into a computer lab, therefore bringing the lab online. eduLAB gives you the flexibility of enrolling more or fewer students as you require, while students access individualised lab environments anytime, anywhere without the need to book a lab. eduLAB allows you to maintain the quality of education in the high or low season of your business journey.

eduLAB works on all devices

eduLAB facilitates

simple to complex lab environments accessible via a web browser from any computer device (PC, Mac and Chromebook) for any student number, anytime. You only need to pay for the labs your students use.

eduLAB designs and sets up the lab environment for you.

Once a master lab is approved and deployed to students, all trainers and students get access to the same labs that work efficiently, regardless of any limitations of their computing devices.

eduLAB maintains the lab environment for you.

When something goes wrong with a student’s lab environment this does not affect another students’ lab. We can easily reset the lab your students can continue to take chances, make mistakes and learn more with eduLAB.