Meeting compliance obligations for IT courses with eduLAB

Meeting the compliance obligations for IT courses varies depending on the unit you choose. The reality is, the more practical the units, the more challenging it is to facilitate the required lab environment suitable for the chosen unit. For example, ICTNWK529 Install and Manage Complex ICT Networks, is one of the most essential units in IT courses as it is:

  • the core unit for two IT courses (ICT60515 Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology and ICT50418 Diploma of Information Technology Networking), and
  • one of the electives for two IT courses (ICT50318 Diploma of Information Technology Systems Administration and ICT50118 Diploma of Information Technology).

To meet the Assessment Conditions for this unit, the performance evidence must be demonstrated. To comply with this, and be able to monitor and test the performance of the solutions, you will need to have:

  • multiple physical locations and internet providers (or simulations of)
  • multiple servers, network and client components
  • combination of network services including VoIP and videoconferencing

To facilitate such a setup, you will require a complex network design and computers powerful enough to run several virtual machines as per the Network Diagram below.

Such a lab environment comes with significant costs and time to set up. Therefore, a number of IT course providers in the VET sector settle for offering theory-based IT courses, but it doesn’t have to be this way when you use eduLAB. This is because eduLAB is designed to meet the compliance obligations in facilitating practical IT units by providing:

  • Facility: complex multiple network services and security applications in a complex lab setup (as per the Network Diagram and eduLAB screenshots) where students can demonstrate the required skills in the classroom or at home.
  • Evidence: tools to capture and submit performance evidence.
  • Updates: easily update the lab environment and applications as the assessment tool changes.

When delivering an IT unit through eduLAB, eduLAB includes predesigned lab environments and the latest applications for learners to demonstrate the performance evidence, and for trainers to monitor and then assess their work.

See below for a screenshot of the eduLAB lab environment for ICTNWK529 Install and Manage Complex ICT Networks.

When the required assessment is completed in eduLAB, a screenshot of the work can be taken and exported to the learning management system. This provides the trainers with a convenient way to assess the students’ work in real-time, and therefore meet the compliance obligations. Additionally, eduLAB implements the latest and industry-leading applications for students to use. This ensures you, as the IT course provider, offer your students the latest hands-on lab environments that are accessible anytime, anywhere, to maintain their currency of skills and therefore, be job-ready.

See the sample screenshot of students’ work of establishing site-to-site VPN between virtual site locations below.

eduLAB is the innovative solution for providing students with practical and challenging ‘real-life’ scenarios using industry-leading software, while at the same time, ensuring compliance requirements are met. You can be assured that eduLAB is committed to delivering flexibility and scalability in a customised IT online learning platform, to meet your IT needs now and in the future.

If you have any questions about eduLAB or would like to request a demonstration, please feel free to contact eduLAB.

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