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eduLAB offers customised virtual labs for technical education, including cybersecurity, networking, programming, and engineering courses. eduLAB is an education-centric, scalable solution with compliance functionality to monitor and support the progress of technical learning.

Revolutionising Technical Education for Students, Instructors, and University Growth

eduLAB offers two types of virtual labs:

Complex Lab Environment

This setup brings together multiple virtual machines, creating a rich lab environment ideal for cybersecurity and networking courses.

eduLAB: All labs in one place
eduLAB: Graphic Intensive Learning


In our workstation environment, all the applications your students need are in one accessible location, enabling easy access to the required tools from any of their computing devices through a virtual workstation. The workstation lab is used for programming and engineering courses.

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Why do education providers choose eduLAB?

It’s because eduLAB is purpose-built for education, offering:


Capable of accommodating a large number of students.

Lab Design Service

We ensure that virtual lab environments are tailored to meet the unique technical requirements of various faculties.

Extensive Subject Coverage

eduLAB offers customised virtual labs for cybersecurity and networking, as well as workstations for engineering and programming courses.

Education-Centric User Interface

eduLAB features a single sign-on access, easy web browser accessibility to labs, evidence capture for practical learning, the ability to monitor and support technical learning progress, track the time students spend on each lab, an audit log, and the capability to generate comprehensive reports.

Cost Predictability

With our fixed price per tier model, education providers can strategically allocate their budgets with precise insights into expenditure.

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