IT Learning Anywhere, Anytime
Education providers use eduLAB to access practical virtual computer labs, monitor students’ progress in real-time while accessing learning management system (LMS), and to meet compliance needs for courses requiring computer lab activities while delivering a high-quality lab experience through online or face-to-face delivery.
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Thrive in Your Student’s Journey, Trainer’s Journey or Business Journey.

Education delivery is changing.

Due to Covid-19, the change occurred unexpectedly, and education providers had to act fast. One of the eduLAB’s priorities has been supporting colleges to transition smoothly from face-to-face delivery to online delivery.
Out of many success stories, eduLAB has chosen Melbourne Polytechnic for the 2021 eduLAB Client Interview.

If you would like to know how Melbourne Polytechnic (TAFE VIC) implemented the technology to maintain the quality of education services and exceeded the expectations of students and lecturers during the pandemic, see the interview below.