About Us

Shaping the Future of Technical Education

Our Journey

eduLAB, founded in 2018, is at the forefront of transforming technical education through custom virtual lab environments. We have received recognition and support from esteemed organizations, demonstrating our commitment to excellence.

  • MVP Grant from the NSW Government: In recognition of our dedication to improving technical education, we were honoured to receive an MVP grant from the New South Wales Government. This grant has empowered us to further our mission of enhancing education and providing innovative tools to both educators and learners.
  • Highly Commended from Consensus EdTech Award: Our relentless pursuit of excellence in educational technology earned us a “Highly Commended” award from the Consensus EdTech Award, underscoring our unwavering commitment to innovation in education.


Sponsorships and Partner Program

We actively participate in the education community by sponsoring a range of education conferences, such as ITECA (Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia), the National VET Conference, eduTECH, EDUCAUSE, the AHECS Cybersecurity Summit, and Purple Team Australia. At present, eduLAB is a Showcase Partner of CAUDIT.


Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to revolutionise the learning experience in technical education by offering education-centric virtual lab solutions. We focus on providing scalable virtual labs with compliance functionality, ensuring that students and educators can monitor and support the progress of technical learning effectively.