About Us

Our beginning

We came to Australia as overseas students about 10 years ago, and we have never looked back. I was a Systems Integrator in Slovenia and Jerry was a System Administrator in Slovakia. We met in college where we both wanted to further our IT career in Australia, so we were ready to study. But during our course, we ended up helping other students with their studies while challenging the trainers. One day, I was called to the principal’s office. I thought the worst, ‘today could be my last day!’. To my surprise, I was offered a job as IT support for the college! That year, we became self-employed and founded Celox Group (an IT consulting company for vocational and higher education sector). Our passion to succeed and commitment to providing quality, innovative IT solutions, is the driving force of Celox Group’s direction moving forward.

How did eduLAB start?

One day, Jerry and I were faced with a challenge from one of our clients – a higher education provider. The challenge was to come up with a scalable lab solution that allowed students to access all the required applications from one place, using any device anywhere, anytime. In response to this challenge, we developed a cloud solution, eduLAB. When the product survey reached beyond the expected satisfactory rate from both lecturers/trainers and students; it was time to launch eduLAB!

What does eduLAB offer

eduLAB offers a contextualised Virtual Computer Lab * (VCL) with predefined applications that align with learning outcomes for each subject. It is created in collaboration with the faculty’s academic team. When the academic team requests specific types of scenarios, applications and computers to be added in VCL, eduLAB makes it happen. If you want to offer practical IT and/or Cybersecurity courses where all the learning tools are in one place, and accessible anywhere, anytime, eduLAB is your solution.

* Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) is a term used by eduLAB where multiple predefined virtual computers, along with learning resources are in one place, in the eduLAB portal.


In May 2019, eduLAB received the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) grant from the New South Wales government, Jobs for NSW. This recognition identified eduLAB as a proven, scalable solution that has the possibility of meeting industry needs in the Australian education sector.