Answers  to your Questions

What can eduLAB do for education providers?

  • Enhance students’ learning: Students are able to access the lab environment anytime anywhere. Any classroom can be used as a computer lab with eduLAB.
  • Provide flexible learning platform: Students can access the required application from any of their own device – MacBook, Laptops, and Chromebooks.
  • Facilitate consistency in delivery: Teaching staff can use the same application to deliver learning outcomes through eduLAB.

How can eduLAB make your life easier?

  • No application maintenance/set-up required by the college: Each term eduLAB team refreshes labs for you.
  • No change required: Able access eduLAB with existing ID and Password.
  • Scalable solution: Can have more or fewer labs with one email request.

How does eduLAB offer privacy and security for students and staff?

  • Security: Students are protected from accessing malicious and unethical websites.
  • Privacy: Personal information is treated as per the Australian Privacy Act.

How can eduLAB be scaled out across the entire year group?

  • eduLAB welcomes different needs for each year group.
  • eduLAB can tailor the application needed for each year group and subjects.
  • Required application can be changed as the requirement of curriculum changes.

How can eduLAB help your college in the long run?

eduLAB accommodates your growth:

  1. Scalability: The number of eduLAB users can be changed each term.
  2. eduLAB supports any new curriculum/assessment tool: eduLAB application can easily be changed and updated each term.
  3. eduLAB brings consistency in learning outcome: Relevant application approved by your course coordinator will be shared across all relevant teachers.

Will price change if we had a different eduLAB requirement for each year group?

  • eduLAB price varies depending on the number of users and the number of applications you need.
  • More users you have cheaper it will be.
  • We offer three payment options. To see the detailed price information, please contact us.

How can eduLAB benefit your students?

  • Enhanced learning opportunity: Students can access their lab even at home.
  • Prepare students with the real-world situation: Students get to use and practice learning with current industry application.
  • Safe learning environment: Students can make errors and enhance knowledge using real-world application with eduLAB.

How to adopt eduLAB?

  • Complete EOI Form: This will help us understand what you want eduLAB to do for you.
  • Approval of Proposal: We will then send you a proposal with options you can choose.
  • Start Using EduLAB: After an agreement is signed, you will have access to eduLAB.

How will eduLAB provide financial benefit for college?

  • No more investment in physical computer labs that come with expiry date: With eduLAB, colleges no longer required to have physical computer labs.
  • Save maintenance cost/time: Your IT team will be able to focus on what’s more important to your school.
  • eduLAB has financial contribution model for colleges: See the details under “Financial Benefit for Education Providers” in the price list.