ICT60120 - Advanced Diploma of Information Technology


Learn How to Plan, Configure & Test Advanced Server-based Security, with eduLAB’s Industry-Leading ICTNWK619 Virtual Computer Lab eduLAB created the ICTNWK619 learning portal as a means for providing students and education providers with convenient access to all their required I.T. learning tools. With this platform, I.T. educators can teach students how to plan, configure and [...]


Configure network devices for a secure network (ICTNWK621) Page content coming soon If you have any questions in the meantime give us a call on 1300 338 522


ICTNWK618 Virtual Computer Lab Has Enhanced the Way Students Learn How to Design & Implement Security Systems As any IT education provider would know, the ICTNWK618 unit teaches students how to design and implement a security system. Surely, the best way to put these applications to the test is to provide students with their very [...]


eduLAB’s ICTNWK538 Cloud-based Computer Lab Makes IT Learning a Breeze ICTNWK538 is a highly valuable and extremely sought-after vocational unit, which is why eduLAB offers this remarkably convenient and interactive ICTNWK538 virtual computer lab. Not only will our cloud-based computer lab solutions equip your organisation with all the tools you need in order to teach [...]


eduLAB’s State-of-the-art ICTWEB517 Cloud-based Computer Lab Teaches Students How to Create Web-based Programs Remotely Imagine how much more convenient computer science education would be if each student had access to their very own virtual computer lab, with countless features and functions for hands-on practical learning and more accurate assessments from education providers? It was this [...]


Teach Students How to Build a Dynamic Website, with eduLAB’s Ground-breaking ICTWEB513 Virtual Computer Lab Learning Portal It goes without saying that the ability to build a dynamic website comes with the territory of being a computer science professional. So naturally, the ICTWEB513 module is an essential component of any I.T. course. However, teaching this [...]


The ICTNWK544 Virtual Computer Lab is Your Ideal Solution for Remote Education of ICT Network Security Perimeters eduLAB’s highly interactive and user-friendly ICTNWK544 learning portal allows IT education providers to teach students how to develop and implement a security perimeter for ICT networks, in a completely remote and cloud-based environment. As a convenient alternative to [...]


Australia’s Go-To ICTWEB519 Cloud-Based Computer Lab In a world where technology is changing the way we learn and teach, eduLAB offers a seamless solution that combines the best of in-person and online learning. Our ICTWEB519 learning platform allows your VOCATIONAL students to study their Website Development module anywhere, anytime and on any device. Better yet, [...]


Advance Your Institution with Our ICTWEB514 Virtual Computer Lab Are you looking for a way to make your Website Development VOCATIONAL course more accessible to students and teachers alike? eduLAB is the answer. Our ICTWEB514 learning platform offers everything your students and faculty need all in one secure, cloud-based portal. This approach is unlike any [...]