10 Key Reasons Why Virtual Labs Are Cost Effective For Your IT Classes

Thrive in Your Student’s Journey, Trainer’s Journey or Business Journey.


Virtual Computer Labs

eduLAB comes with virtual computer labs that are perfect for millennial learners. Students can start working on a college PC then continue their studies on their device at home without transferring any file or losing their work


Each student receives an individual eduLAB portal along with their Information Technology learning resources. That means students can continue their studies at home from where they left at college.

Real-life scenarios

Students will be challenged with real-life scenarios when studying an Information Technology course with eduLAB.


eduLAB is a scalable solution to meet your growing requirements for Information Technology courses.


Students can access the required applications with any computing device (MacBook, PC or Chromebook) through eduLAB.


eduLAB team updates and maintains your eduLAB portal. When a unit of competency is superseded, we update the learning resources to meet new requirements.

Multiple labs

eduLAB portal consists of multiple virtual computers to accommodate complex network designs suitable for each unit of competency.


All your Information Technology course trainers will have access to relevant applications through the eduLAB portal, bringing consistency in the course delivery.


eduLAB portal is a learner focused platform that is equipped with ready-to-go teaching tools.


Any room can become a computer lab with eduLAB. All you need is a web browser and access to the internet.
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Australian Institute of Higher Education offers quality higher education (tertiary) courses in Accounting, Business and Information Technology to students in Australia.
These are what AIH students say about eduLAB
  • “eduLAB is a good tool for learning database management, and it is quite good good practicing tool.“
  • “Hats off to those guys who created this eduLAB platform.“
  • “The best benefit is we can use anytime anywhere for every subject.“
  • “Easy to use“
  • “It is simple to operate, and also we can practice SQL easily.“
  • “Easy to work with.“
  • “I am able to study from home.“
  • “I can learn more by practicing.“
  • “More convenient to use and easy to access.“
  • “It is fast“
  • “Make it easy for me to access applications from anywhere.“
  • “We can practice database queries from home.“
  • “It's good to understanding databases.“
  • “It's great and effective tool for me.“


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