IT Unit ICTNWK308 – Determine and Action Network Problems

A real-life scenario and the lab environment your college could adopt

Troubleshooting and problem-solving skills are one of the most fundamental skills in the IT industry, which can apply in IT work on a daily basis. IT experts use these skills to determine the type of network problems in order to take accurate and prompt action. Therefore, when students graduate from a college and are ready to face the real work challenges in the IT industry, troubleshooting skills are essential and will come into play.

To help colleges easily adopt the unit ICTNWK308 in Certificate III in Information Technology ICT30120 , eduLAB has prepared a real-life scenario along with the eduLAB portal and possible activity suggestions where students are able to participate in determining and taking actions to resolve network problems.

Skills that students can learn and master in ICTNWK308 are beneficial in careers such as:

  • Helpdesk & IT Support Technician
  • Systems Administrator
  • Infrastructure & Network Engineer
  • Security & Support Engineer
  • Infrastructure Solution Designer



Maxmit Pty Ltd is a small pharmaceutical research company with 15 staff members. Its IT infrastructure is small, consisting of an Active Directory with a file server, and a proxy firewall that protects staff computers against malicious and inappropriate websites.

The company executives have decided to hire an IT Support Technician to help them with day-to-day issues and bring stability to their IT infrastructure. Recently, there have been complaints from staff members as they could not access the internet. Additionally, there is a list of outstanding IT issues that incapable of being resolved internally.

To resolve the issues, the IT Support Technician must stabilise the IT infrastructure by going through the outstanding IT issues and solve them. Then finally, revises the website content filtering rules and apply changes as per the company’s IT policy.


The lab environment on eduLAB – 4 virtual computers

eduLAB Virtual Labs Identifications

  1. Active Directory and File Server: This server component takes the role of an identity management (staff and security groups) and organisational file server.
  2. Firewall: This network component enables access to the internet and is responsible for filtering malicious and inappropriate content.
  3. Research PC: Refers to one of the staff computers which cannot access any websites.
  4. Executive PC: Refers to one of the staff computers which cannot access a specific website.


Lab diagram

Network Design for ICTNWK308

Four virtual components on eduLAB

ICTNWK308 Lab ImagePossible activities – How the labs can be used in activities

Performance evidence required for the ICTNWK308 unit includes:

  • To determine and action at least two different network problems reported by at least two different organisational users.

Network problems can be:

  • Incorrect DNS server configuration on the computers.
  • DNS forwarder is not configured on the DNS server.
  • Computer or server does not have a correctly assigned IP address or is clashing with the existing IP.
  • Firewall is not allowing ports such as 80, 443 and 53 to access the internet.
  • Firewall is not masquerading the internal IP network to public IP address when accessing the public websites.
  • If the organisation is using network filtering, computers are not configured with a correct proxy address.
  • Web content filtering system in a firewall is blocking a website category which is allowed by internal IT policy.
  • Website is marked in the wrong category and is blocked by the web content filtering system.
  • Browser alerts a certificate warning due to incorrect computer time/date.
  • Browser alerts a certificate warning due to a missing certification authority list.


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