How eduLAB Supports the Sustainability of the RTO Business

What disrupts RTOs from staying in business? From what we have seen in the last decade, there are two reasons why RTOs fail to operate successfully?

  1. When there are financial difficulties and
  2. When RTOs fail to meet compliance obligations.

How can eduLAB contribute to the sustainability of your RTO business?

First of all, by offering a pay-as-you-grow model that saves your business up to 70% of the computer lab setup cost. That means you pay the minimal price to set up basic computer labs but, have access to the complex lab environment through the eduLAB platform. The cost of eduLAB varies depending on the number of students, so you never pay for more than what you need.

Secondly, the eduLAB platform comes with functions where you can track the course progress of your students and apply your compliance required student intervention strategy when necessary. Students can submit their assessment evidence as they progress with practical IT learning using eduLAB comfort of their homes as if they were accessing a physical computer lab. At the same time, trainers can monitor all students’ login location as well as the duration they were on eduLAB to authenticate the users.

The benefits of eduLAB significantly outweigh the investment on the hardware of a computer lab. eduLAB brings flexibility and scalability for providers to maintain their quality services as they grow. For students, eduLAB offers a flexible learning environment where they have an individualised, safe playground to test their skills and continue with learning anywhere, anytime through a browser. Therefore, students no longer need to share a computer and be concerned by limitations of when and where they can continue with their course work.

Take action and fully utilise the benefits of eduLAB for the successful sustainability of your education business in delivering quality and flexible IT courses.

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