Learn How to Plan, Configure & Test Advanced Server-based Security, with eduLAB’s Industry-Leading ICTNWK619 Virtual Computer Lab

eduLAB created the ICTNWK619 learning portal as a means for providing students and education providers with convenient access to all their required I.T. learning tools.

With this platform, I.T. educators can teach students how to plan, configure and test advanced server-based security, in a highly interactive and cutting edge environment.

Instead of creating a physical computer lab, the ICTNWK619 cloud-based computer lab allows students and teachers alike to access the learning portal anywhere, anytime, from various devices.

Not only does this innovative approach to modern day learning change the landscape of I.T. education, but it makes a career in computer science possible for countless people who would not have otherwise been able to pursue this opportunity.


The ICTNWK619 learning platform makes remote I.T. education a breeze

By being able to remotely teach future I.T. experts how to plan, configure and test advanced server-based security (an essential component of I.T. knowledge for any aspiring computer science professional), you can quickly and easily update the module when needed, to ensure your institution’s course remains consistent and current.

Why incorporate eduLAB’s ICTNWK619 virtual computer lab into your curriculum?

  • It allows you to convert any classroom into a state-of-the-art computer lab
  • It reduces your institution’s computer lab setup costs by up to 70%
  • Students and teachers can enjoy 24/7 remote access to the lab
  • The portal is infinitely flexible in regards to setting up complex and fully equipped computer lab systems
  • Every single student gains access to their very own secure computer lab, thus facilitating a more hands-on learning experience and practical evaluations


eduLAB strives to make I.T. education as convenient and accessible as possible

At eduLAB, we are extremely proud of our revolutionary cloud-based learning tools. In addition to implementing a user-friendly interface to reduce the learning curve, the program is configured for real-life scenarios. This allows colleges to expose students to authentic lab situations, and grade the students’ responses much more accurately.

As is the case with our ICTNWK509, ICTWEB50, ICTNWK601 and ICTNWK503 learning platforms, eduLAB carries out meticulous updates on this portal every term, to ensure it remains current and reliable.


Want to join the community of prestigious educational providers that have adopted eduLAB’s award-winning cloud-based computer lab solutions? Here’s how:

After attending an eduLAB demonstration, our friendly team will inform you of all the necessary information we require in order to get you registered for a two-week free trial of the ICTNWK619 virtual computer lab.

Assuming you are satisfied with our product after this free trial, you will then be prompted to place your order, after which our team will train you in all the various functions of each portal. At this point, you are ready to roll out your state-of-the-art remote cloud-based I.T. learning solution!


Contact eduLAB for a free quote

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Simply submit our online enquiries form (along with some additional information that we request in order to better understand your specific requirements), and we will respond with an approximate quote as soon as possible