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Consensus EdTech Awards 2019

In December 2019 eduLAB entered Consensus EdTech Award at the Australian Graduate School of Management and received Highly Commended award.

This is what Consensus judges have to say about eduLAB.

“This ingenious utilisation of three very different yet synergistic technical solutions delivers a new way of providing a quality, real-time lab environment for the education of IT graduates.


Currently, IT graduates come into the industry with a mostly theoretical understanding or at best, some students have had access to a non-real time system to problem solve.

eduLAB resolves these inconsistencies for education institutions and industry alike with their Cloud-Based Virtual Lab Environment.


eduLAB’s cloud-based virtual lab environment provides an opportunity for the IT industry to educate and train IT graduates within a “real environment” solving “real life” technical problems in “real-time.”

To quote eduLAB, “At the moment only 28% of IT colleges in NSW are offering practical IT units in the vocational sector. Accessing lab for students has limits as a lab is shared up to 4 shifts of students.”

For lecturers, eduLAB offers a single pane of glass to manage their approved lab environments independently from the IT department enabling delivery of industry-aligned custom programs. To enable and sustain currency of content delivery, updating the lab environment and provisioning new versions to students can now happen within minutes.

From a performance perspective, eduLAB can also be customised on any device with a modern browser and provides infinite flexibility across devices.

So yes, eduLAB is a great technology solution in how it is designed and packaged for the end-user. The questions is, is it affordable? eduLAB is definitely affordable, as the eduLAB’s cost model is PAYG structure which makes it affordable by even small educational institutions. With the eduLAB solution, so many excuses are resolved (for organisations) with the solution being so accessible for small and large education institutions alike.


eduLAB is an innovative, high performance and high-quality solution and still in its formative years. While there are organisations within the industry who have trialled the solution successfully, it is yet to be commercially packaged and sold to paying clients. This, we believe, is where the work is for the eduLAB team both in the commercial packaging of the solution and the sales pitch itself, i.e. articulation of the value proposition of eduLAB.

We do feel the cost structure needs more commercial thought in the interest of the eduLAB business itself. The idea of “Training as a service” could be woven into the value proposition, which could possibly support the thinking around the cost structure as well.

For these reasons, the judges decide to grant a Consensus EdTech “Highly Commended” Award to eduLAB for its innovative way of delivering a high-quality real-time lab environment for IT education.

We do invite eduLAB to re-present in 2020 at the Consensus EdTech Awards. We thank you for your entry into the EdTech Awards and trust that the experience of presenting to (and feedback from) our judging panel has been valuable to you. We wish you the very best in the coming year and look forward to watching the exciting development of eduLAB in 2020″

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