ICTNWK618 Virtual Computer Lab Has Enhanced the Way Students Learn How to Design & Implement Security Systems

As any IT education provider would know, the ICTNWK618 unit teaches students how to design and implement a security system.

Surely, the best way to put these applications to the test is to provide students with their very own virtual computer labs, so that they can design and implement the security systems, then test them, and learn from their mistakes through trial and error.

That is the thought process behind eduLAB’s ICTNWK618 learning platform, which allows students to access their very own cloud-based computer lab anytime, anywhere, in any browser.

Not only does this cloud-based approach revolutionise the way in which our future IT experts are learning, but it makes things exponentially easier for the education providers themselves. By offering each student their own individual computer lab, teachers can assess students’ hands-on skills and responses to real-life lab scenarios with much greater precision.


ICTNWK618 virtual computer lab is the logical next step in IT learning

There is a whole host of reasons why educational institutions benefit from implementing eduLAB’s cloud-based learning platform solutions, including:

  • Frequent (and easily carried out) updates to reflect real-time changes to curriculum and learning processes in a constantly evolving industry
  • As much as 70% reduction in costs associated with setting up a computer lab
  • Students enjoy 24/7 remote access to their very own virtual computer lab
  • All relevant training packages and assessment tools are incorporated into the portal

Since realising the huge demand and various applications for self-contained virtual computer lab solutions, eduLAB has been 100% committed to providing education organisations with all the tools necessary to offer their IT students this efficient and versatile way of learning.

Aside from ICTNWK618, eduLAB also offers ICTPRG527, ICTWEB502, ICTNWK602, ICTNWK537 and all the other courses that are so essential to any aspiring IT professional. These courses all come in the form of highly interactive virtual learning platforms, with everything your students need in order to excel in their chosen field.


How to get started with eduLAB’s state-of-the-art ICTNWK618 virtual computer lab today:

  1. First, get in touch with our team to RSVP for our next eduLAB demonstration event
  2. If you like what you see, tell us you’re interested in a free trial, and we’ll get you set up with a two-week trial (we will require access to all your existing learning resources and assessment tools for the unit(s) that you are trialing)
  3. If you are satisfied with the virtual computer lab portal experience, simply place your order with us
  4. We will provide adequate training in eduLAB’s countless innovative features and functions
  5. You are ready to invite students to engage your brand new cloud-based learning platform


Get in touch for further information

If you would like further information regarding our cloud-based virtual computer labs, and how they can streamline your IT education practices, please contact us directly and our professional team will be happy to answer your questions.

Alternatively, we encourage you to provide eduLAB with some initial background information to expedite the enquiries process, by submitting our online request form.