The ICTPRG549 Cloud-based Computer Lab is the Ideal IT Learning Platform Solution

At eduLAB, we developed the ICTPRG549 learning portal as a convenient and all-encompassing solution to the needs of IT education providers and their students. Teach students how to apply intermediate object-oriented language skills anytime, anywhere, with eduLAB’s ICTPRG549 cloud-based computer lab.

Rather than setting up a physical computer lab, the ICTPRG549 provides remote access to a sophisticated lab environment from various devices and any browser. No matter where you are, you can access your course’s essential tools, modules and training packages.

This cloud-based approach to IT learning offers infinite flexibility and scalability, bringing remote IT education within reach of countless future IT experts who might otherwise not have been able to pursue a career in computer science.


eduLAB’s ICTPRG549 learning portal benefits education providers just as much as it benefits students

In an era of constantly changing technology, processes and practices within the IT industry, this innovative cloud-based learning tool allows education providers to stay ahead of the curve, and consistently deliver a current and up-to-date curriculum.

What are the benefits of utilising eduLAB’s ICTPRG549 learning tool solutions?

  • Turn any classroom into a modern and complex computer lab
  • Reduce computer lab setup costs by as much as 70%
  • 24/7 remote access to the computer lab
  • Infinite flexibility when it comes to setting up a computer lab that is fully equipped with everything necessary for training packages
  • Each and every student gets their own secure computer lab environment, allowing them to clearly demonstrate individual hands-on skills for more accurate assessment
  • The freedom of creating any lab environment on any scale, anywhere and anytime!


IT learning made easy, with eduLAB

Not only does the eduLAB ICTPRG549 virtual learning tool embrace an extremely user-friendly design for students and education providers alike, but it also facilitates real-life scenarios. This means colleges can present students with authentic lab scenarios, and accurately guide/assess the outcomes in a highly interactive setting.

Just like the ICTNWK503, ICTNWK601, ICTWEB50 and ICTNWK509 practical activity resources, this portal can be on request in order to align with current versions of training packages, assessment tools and other factors.


What is the process for becoming part of eduLAB’s award-winning virtual education solutions?

Following an eduLAB demonstration, we will ask you for necessary learning resources and assessment tools from the relevant units, and set you up with a two-week free trial of our product with relevant lab environment.

If you are satisfied with the experience (which we are confident you will be!), the next step is to place your order, get trained in all the different features, functions and processes of our eduLAB learning portals, deploy the portal to your students and carry out your highly interactive remote cloud-based IT courses.

Colleges can even use their own custom branding on the portal.


Request a free, no-obligation quote today

To start a discussion on how eduLAb can assist with your remote IT education needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also request a free quote, in which we’ll ask you a few questions to better understand your needs, and provide you with a more accurate price for our virtual learning solutions.