Teach Your Students How to Install and Manage Complex ICT Networks, with eduLAB’s Cloud-Based ICTNWK529 Computer Lab

With our sophisticated ICTNWK529 learning portal, IT education providers can equip their students with all the tools they need in order to learn how to install and manage complex ICT networks – anywhere, anytime, on any browser.

eduLAB creates highly interactive cloud-based computer labs and learning portals for more convenient remote IT learning.

Our award-winning virtual learning platform solutions have provided numerous computer science education providers with the means to transform ordinary classrooms into complex computer labs, where they can expose their students to real-life scenarios.

This innovative approach to virtual IT learning facilitates a more flexible process towards remote IT education, so that aspiring IT professionals can achieve computer science qualifications, regardless of their circumstances.


ICTNWK529 virtual computer lab: A logical solution for a constantly evolving industry

Aside from the flexibility and versatility that our computer-based IT learning portals afford students and educators alike, there is another key benefit to eduLAB virtual computer labs – they are frequently updated (with ease) to reflect changes in the constantly evolving IT industry.

Here are some additional advantages to implementing eduLAB’s ICTNWK529 learning platform into your curriculum:

  • Up to 70% reduction in computer lab setup costs
  • 24/7 remote access to interactive computer lab
  • Ability to equip virtual computer lab with the required assessment conditions for the practical IT performance evidence
  • Each individual student gains access to their own secure computer lab setting, which allows more accurate assessment of independent hands-on skills


eduLAB facilitates an easier, more convenient and highly interactive IT learning environment, with our ICTNWK529 cloud-based computer lab

We have created complex yet user-friendly learning portals for a wide scope of crucial areas in IT education, including:

  • ICTPRG527: Apply intermediate object-oriented language skills
  • ICTWEB502: Create dynamic web pages
  • ICTNWK602: Plan, configure and test advanced server-based security
  • ICTNWK502: Implement secure encryption technologies


What is eduLAB?

The catalyst for eduLAB was a one-off cloud-based computer lab learning portal that exceeded everyone’s expectations, thus revealing an urgent demand for interactive virtual IT learning platforms and tools.

Since then, eduLAB has changed the landscape of IT education with our user-friendly cloud-based learning portal solutions.


Expose students to real-life computer lab scenarios, with eduLAB’s state-of-the-art ICTNWK529 virtual learning portal

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. Request to see an eduLAB demonstration
  2. Submit your institution’s learning resources and assessment tools for the relevant units
  3. Participate in the eduLAB demonstration
  4. Experience a two-week free trial of our solutions
  5. Order eduLAB
  6. Participate in all necessary training of the portal’s features and functions
  7. Deploy the eduLAB portal users
  8. Begin teaching IT courses with eduLAB


Get in touch with eduLAB

If you are ready to discuss how eduLAb can enhance your IT education offering, please get in touch. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, based on how many students will be using the platform, your target rollout date, and other factors specific to your needs.