How students use virtual computer labs (eduLAB)

If you are wondering how virtual labs work for students, here is the blog for you. It is as simple as login in, selecting the lab, and then using the selected lab.

Of course, if you want your students to access our virtual computer lab, colleges need to register an account with eduLAB so that the eduLAB team can prepare the labs required for your programs.

After an education provider has registered with eduLAB and approved the master lab for the relevant unit/subject, students will simply need to follow these steps to access eduLAB:

  1. Use the existing login details to access the virtual computer lab: Students can use their existing login details to access the lab through single-sign-on integration.
  2. Select a virtual lab: When a student is enrolled in more than one unit, the student may be provided with multiple labs. In this case, the student can simply select the required lab to access the relevant resources.
  3. Start using the virtual computer lab: Once connected to the virtual computer lab, students can use the software and resources as if they were working on a physical computer located on campus. As they progress with tasks, they can take evidence, which then gets stored in the evidence gallery. The taken evidence has a watermark with the student’s name, time taken, and the lab details for the lecturer to track and validate the evidence.

We hope you find this information useful. If you would like to see eduLAB demonstration in action or have any questions about it, please feel free to contact eduLAB.

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