ICTNWK537 Virtual Computer Lab: 24/7 Remote Access for Learning How to Implement Secure Encryption Technologies

As far as IT learning goes, the ICTNWK537 unit in learning how to implement secure encryption technologies is one of the most sought-after and valuable assets to any aspiring IT expert.

Rather than investing time and money in custom-developing your own computer lab systems, eduLAB saves education providers up to 70% in costs by providing convenient, self-contained, cloud-based virtual computer lab solutions.

From ICTWEB519 and ICTNWK529, to ICTNWK602 and ICTNWK608, we produce highly interactive virtual computer lab learning platforms to cater for your every need.

Aside from revolutionising the IT education industry, our cloud-based computer labs provide each and every student with their very own secure lab environment, which in turn allows your teachers to accurately assess students’ skills independently.


Why trust eduLAB with your organisation’s ICTNWK537 learning portal needs?

In an ever-changing industry such as computing, the methods in which we educate IT students obviously needs to be adjusted, updated and enhanced as time goes on. eduLAB is vigilant about revisiting our individual platforms each term, so as to ensure they remain current with updates to assessment tools and training packages.

Our fresh approach to virtual computer lab learning provides educational institutions with all the tools required in order to stay ahead of the curve, with regards to emerging trends and technologies in IT.

In short, 24/7 remote access to computer labs provides your students with more opportunity to thrive and excel in their chosen field.


Introduce your students to a simpler and more convenient lab-based learning environment, with the ICTNWK537 learning tool

Ready to get started? Here is our process for equipping your organisation and its students with our virtual computer lab solutions:

  1. Request to see an eduLAB demonstration
  2. Send us your organisation’s learning resources and assessment tools for the units that you are interested in utilising our portals for
  3. Take part in an eduLAB demonstration
  4. Enjoy a two-week free trial to familiarise yourself with our product
  5. Place an order with eduLAB to proceed
  6. Take part in any required training to make the most of our portal’s numerous features and functions
  7. Roll out the system and introduce your students to eduLAB!


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