eduLAB’s ICTNWK538 Cloud-based Computer Lab Makes IT Learning a Breeze

ICTNWK538 is a highly valuable and extremely sought-after vocational unit, which is why eduLAB offers this remarkably convenient and interactive ICTNWK538 virtual computer lab.

Not only will our cloud-based computer lab solutions equip your organisation with all the tools you need in order to teach students these vital IT skills and thus boost their employability, but it takes remote learning to a whole new level.

At eduLAB, we recognise that it isn’t feasible for educational institutions to resort to drastic (and costly) measures like custom-developing their ICTNWK538 learning portals. Our convenient cloud-based solutions allow you to apply your own branding, and tailor the platform to cater for the unique and specific needs of your students and teachers to satisfy the performance evidence and assessment conditions for the unit of competency.

To put it simply, eduLAB serves as an innovative one-stop shop for all your IT learning platform.


ICTNWK538 learning platform without the hassle of additional materials or fees

When you opt for eduLAB’s ICTNWK538 virtual computer lab, we provide you with a self-contained package that acts as a standalone resource for teachers and their students that students get their own individual playground for practical lab activities.

Our solutions ensure that every one of your students enjoys remote access to their very own virtual computer lab, where they can be exposed to authentic lab scenarios, and their responses to these scenarios can be precisely assessed with absolute accuracy.

Regular updates are implemented each term to ensure our cloud-based labs and platforms remain current. With eduLAB’s ICTNWK538 learning portal, you can consistently provide students with an up-to-date technology suitable for your current curriculum.

The numerous education providers that have already adopted our solutions have saved up to 70% on computer lab setup and other associated costs. In addition, their students can access their virtual computer labs anytime, anywhere, on any browser.

At eduLAB, we feel that it’s important to let students take chances, make mistakes and learn more. That’s why we provide virtual cloud-based solutions for a wide variety of IT learning units, including ICTNWK529, ICTWEB519, ICTNWK608 and ICTPRG527.


What is the process for implementing our cloud-based computer labs into your education program?

  1. Get in touch to RSVP for one of our demonstration events
  2. Lodge an expression of interest for a free trial, and our team will request access to your learning resources and assessment tools to get you started
  3. eduLAB sets you up with a free 2-week trial
  4. If you are interested in proceeding, please place an order for our virtual learning platform
  5. Our friendly eduLAB team will get you trained up in the portal’s countless innovative features and functions
  6. That’s it! Your institution is now ready to invite students to embrace your new state-of-the-art learning portal


It’s that easy – contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today

If you would like more information regarding how eduLAB can provide your organisation with convenient virtual computer lab solutions, please contact us directly and our friendly team will be more than happy to assist with your enquiry.