The ICTNWK544 Virtual Computer Lab is Your Ideal Solution for Remote Education of ICT Network Security Perimeters

eduLAB’s highly interactive and user-friendly ICTNWK544 learning portal allows IT education providers to teach students how to develop and implement a security perimeter for ICT networks, in a completely remote and cloud-based environment.

As a convenient alternative to setting up physical computer labs, the ICTNWK544 learning platform facilitates 24/7 access to complex virtual computer labs on any browser. The same goes for the ICTWEB519 learning portal, ICTNWK529 cloud-based computer lab, ICTNWK602 virtual learning tool and ICTNWK608 learning portal.

Not only has this virtual computer lab revolutionised the IT education industry, but it provides each individual student with their own secure computer lab environment, allowing colleges to accurately assess individual students’ hands-on skills independently.


Why utilise eduLAB’s groundbreaking ICTNWK544 virtual computer lab solution?

In an industry that is constantly evolving to adopt new technology and processes, it only makes sense that the channels in which we educate future IT experts are technologically advanced, adaptable and easily updated. Our portals are revisited every term, in order to keep them current with new and updated training packages and assessment tools.

eduLAB’s innovative cloud-based approach to IT learning equips education providers with the means to stay on top of new and emerging trends and technologies in the industry, for a consistently relevant curriculum.

By offering your students 24/7 remote access to sophisticated computer labs online, you can reduce computer lab setup costs by 70% and open new doors for aspiring IT professionals everywhere.


Ready to join a network of reputable education providers utilising eduLAB’s award-winning virtual learning platforms?

There are a few steps involved in onboarding your institution to our highly sophisticated virtual computer lab solutions:

  1. Request to see an eduLAB demonstration
  2. Send your institution’s learning resources and assessment tools for the relevant units
  3. Participate in the eduLAB demonstration
  4. Experience a two-week free trial of our solutions
  5. Order eduLAB
  6. Participate in all necessary training of the portal’s features and functions
  7. Deploy the eduLAB portal users
  8. Begin teaching IT courses with eduLAB


About us

eduLAB is established to provide accessible and functional virtual lab environments for education providers, that help trainers to monitor the performance of students and support colleges to meet the compliance requirements for user verification.

eduLAB solutions range from a simple lab with one or a few applications, to complex network scenarios, and graphics-intensive applications, all accessible from any type of students’ computing device through a browser.

eduLAB’s cloud-based lab environments allow practical lab learning to be achievable anywhere, anytime.


Get in touch for more information

Contact eduLAB to learn more about how we can provide you with state-of-the-art virtual computer lab solutions that your students can engage anytime, anywhere. To provide you with an accurate quote, we will ask you for information such as the number of students that will be using the platform, desired rollout date, preferred operating systems, and so on.