Teach Students How to Build a Dynamic Website, with eduLAB’s Ground-breaking ICTWEB513 Virtual Computer Lab Learning Portal

It goes without saying that the ability to build a dynamic website comes with the territory of being a computer science professional. So naturally, the ICTWEB513 module is an essential component of any I.T. course.

However, teaching this course need no longer be confined to the four walls of a physical classroom. Our state-of-the-art ICTWEB513 cloud-based computer lab offers education providers a completely remote and interactive way to teach future I.T. experts how to build dynamic websites via an online portal.

eduLAB creates virtual computer labs and remote I.T. learning platforms for computer science education providers, to facilitate a more convenient and innovative I.T. learning experience for students and teachers alike.

From ICTNWK529 to ICTWEB519, ICTNWK608 and ICTPRG527, eduLAB has fashioned highly interactive and all-encompassing cloud-based learning portals for all your essential I.T. learning modules. Each one provides the user with 24/7 access to complex virtual computer labs on any browser, no matter where they are located.


What are the perks of eduLAB’s ICTWEB513 learning platform?

Well, for starters, it allows I.T. education providers to offer every student their very own secure computer lab environment. Not only does this cater for a more practical and hands-on approach to computer science learning, but it also allows for a far more accurate evaluation of each student’s independent abilities.

Also, in an industry that moves and evolves as rapidly as computer science does, our award-winning cloud-based computer lab solutions allow education providers to quickly and easily update the curriculum within the portal, and keep the course as timely and relevant as possible. eduLAB is meticulous in our own internal efforts to update every portal each term, so as to ensure constant accuracy.

And finally, there’s the financial incentive – our ICTWEB513 learning tool and other virtual computer lab solutions can save your institution up to 70% in computer lab setup costs, freeing up your budget to invest that money in other areas of your curriculum and resources.


Here is a step-by-step guide to incorporating eduLAB’s revolutionary cloud-based computer lab solutions into your I.T. education program:

  1. Contact us to RSVP for an eduLAB demonstration event
  2. Express your interest in a free trial, and our team will request access to your learning resources and assessment tools for the necessary units
  3. Enjoy a free two-week trial of eduLAB’s ICTWEB513 learning platform
  4. Assuming you are satisfied with the product (which we are confident you will be!), place your order for eduLAB cloud-based learning solutions
  5. Our team will train you in all of eduLAB’s convenient features and functions
  6. You are ready to invite students to engage your institution’s new state-of-the-art I.T. learning platform


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