eduLAB’s State-of-the-art ICTWEB517 Cloud-based Computer Lab Teaches Students How to Create Web-based Programs Remotely

Imagine how much more convenient computer science education would be if each student had access to their very own virtual computer lab, with countless features and functions for hands-on practical learning and more accurate assessments from education providers?

It was this thought process that led eduLAB to create a highly sophisticated ICTWEB517 learning platform – an online portal that provides I.T. students with 24/7 remote access to all the tools and resources they could possibly need in order to learn how to create web-based programs anytime, anywhere.

Of course, our groundbreaking ICTWEB517 learning tool doesn’t just benefit the students. By implementing a cloud-based portal into your institution’s computer science courses, you can rest assured that your curriculum can be regularly updated in real-time, to remain current and accurate at all times.

This is crucial for an industry that is constantly evolving and embracing new technologies.

It also makes individual student assessment easier for the teacher, as each student works independently in their own virtual computer lab, dealing with authentic scenarios that adequately prepare them for a career in I.T.


What are the benefits of ICTWEB517 cloud-based computer lab learning?

Aside from greater flexibility, versatility, accuracy and countless other key benefits, here are the most notable specific advantages:

  • Save up to 70% on computer lab setup costs as a result of this virtual solution
  • Provides students and teachers with 24/7 remote access to cloud-based computer labs, fully equipped with all necessary tools and resources for web-based program creation learning
  • Highly interactive approach to learning, where students gain the opportunity to demonstrate independent practical skills and knowledge


From beginner level to advanced modules, eduLAB creates virtual computer lab learning environments for every aspect of computer science learning

At eduLAB, we pride ourselves on our revolutionary virtual computer lab solutions. The ICTWEB517 learning tool is just one segment of our numerous cloud-based platforms. We also offer the following portals:

  • Learn how to apply intermediate object-oriented language skills with ICTPRG527
  • Plan, configure and test advanced server-based security with ICTNWK619
  • Implement secure encryption technologies with ICTNWK502
  • Learn how to install and manage complex ICT networks with ICTNWK529


About eduLAB

The origins of eduLAB stem from two international students who were studying in Australia – a Slovakian System Administrator and a Slovenian Systems Integrator.

After exceeding students’ and educators’ expectations with a one-off virtual computer lab project, the two students decided to join forces and specialise in providing quality, innovative solutions to I.T. education.

eduLAB has since grown into a highly reputable and widely trusted cloud-based I.T. learning solutions provider, and has subsequently changed the way computer science educators engage their students, both Australia-wide and overseas.


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