Australia’s Most Realistic Criminology Virtual Computer Lab

If you’re looking for a way to offer seamless online learning for your students, eduLAB is the system for you. Our criminology cloud-based computer lab is designed to provide exceptional online learning experiences for tertiary students across Australia.

With the ability to access our secure system via any laptop, desktop or tablet, we help your institution offer innovative, up-to-date learning opportunities that both staff and students can benefit from. With the ability to fully customise your criminology learning tool to suit your existing coursework, we make it easier than ever to bring your vocational or tertiary institution into the modern day.

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A criminology learning portal tailored to your needs

Offering a hands-on, practical experience in a virtual setting has never been more important for institutions. As more and more students begin studying from home, eduLAB’s criminology virtual computer lab ensures that you can continue to offer the same quality of education online as you can with in-person teaching.

Our criminology learning platform is entirely customisable to suit your needs and curriculum. We do this by collaborating with your faculty to develop modules that align with your teaching methods and assessment style. Students can then virtually access our secure network anywhere and at any time via their own personalised portal, providing a more flexible and accessible learning experience.

Most importantly, our advanced system still allows students to receive the academic support and guidance they need, when they need it. This ability to offer web-based intervention or guidance to those who might need it makes our system the most advanced criminology learning portal in the country.


Why choose eduLAB?

eduLAB is Australia’s most advanced cloud-based learning portal. We bring complex lab environments into the modern age with our realistic software, ensuring that schools and universities all over the country can expand the way they teach. From data science to software engineering, website development and criminology learning tools, we cater to a wide range of courses and institutions with our cloud-based computer lab.

eduLAB offers endless possibilities to both students and institutions. With the ability to seamlessly alter coursework, create scalable assessments and develop realistic practical experiences, it helps students achieve better outcomes and empowers staff to easily manage their curriculum.


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