Australia’s Innovative Software Engineering Learning Platform

Looking for a virtual learning portal that doesn’t compromise on educational outcomes? eduLAB is the solution. Our advanced cloud-based computer lab makes it easier than ever for your institution to offer software engineering coursework with increased flexibility.

By collaborating with your faculty, we integrate the assessments, scenarios and learning resources needed for your course into our innovative software. This means that you can seamlessly support students as they learn both in and out of the classroom, making exceptional educational outcomes more accessible than ever.

How does our software engineering cloud-based computer lab work?

eduLAB turns any computer into a virtual classroom with our cloud-based learning platform. Whether a student is working on-campus or at home, they can access all their required applications to continue their educational journey. With the ability to conduct practical assessments, practical lab scenarios and complete practical coursework all on our learning portal, it’s the easiest way to make your course accessible anywhere, any time.

When you utilise our software engineering learning tool, each student and faculty member will receive their own portal and resources. Not only does this ensure a highly individualised approach suited to the student’s unique progress, but it also provides a seamless way to continue their studies across multiple computers and locations. This is possible due to our cloud-based approach that securely contains necessary applications and project files in the lab environment, allowing it to be accessed via PCs, Mac, or Chromebook.

Offering complete course flexibility and customisation

The eduLAB team works in collaboration with your course advisers to create a highly specialised virtual learning experience for your students. Our software engineering learning platform can be customised to accommodate for specific learning applications and assessments, ensuring that your students have everything they need to achieve outstanding outcomes. Most importantly, our easy-to-use portal makes it simple for faculty to provide support, guidance or intervention whenever it might be needed.

We are proud to have worked with various Australian institutions to provide exceptional cloud-based learning for data science, software engineering, cyber security and analytics courses. Our innovative platform not only offers more flexibility for students and teachers, but helps to improve educational outcomes across the board with its engaging approach to practical learning. This is why, when it comes to offering online learning tools, eduLAB is the leading cloud-based computer lab in Australia.

Enquire about how we can help you today

The eduLAB team would be happy to chat with you about how your software engineering course could be made more accessible with the help of our online portal. Contact us today on 1300 eduLAB (1300 338 522) to learn more about how we can customise our software to meet your needs.