The Leading Data Science Virtual Computer Lab for Australian Institutions

When it comes to offering your students the freedom and flexibility of online learning combined with unparalleled hands-on experience, eduLAB is the ultimate solution. Our cloud-based learning portal works with institutions throughout Australia to provide a data science learning portal that can be accessed on any laptop, desktop or tablet device at any time.

With a focus on providing tailored solutions to suit your unique curriculum requirements, eduLAB makes it easier than ever for students and faculty to enjoy an unparalleled academic experience at every turn. Get in touch with us today to learn how our innovative platform can work for your particular needs,

What are the benefits of our data science learning platform?

From conception, the goal of eduLAB was to provide a seamless, user-friendly approach to virtual learning that can be used both on- and off-campus. There are many different benefits to using our data science learning platform as part of your institution. This includes:

Increased accessibility: Our learning platform can be used anywhere, at any time on any device – whether it be a laptop, desktop computer or tablet device. This not only allows you to turn any room into a computer lab, but also means students and teachers can access files and coursework on our cloud-based platform without worrying about transferring data (work in progress project files) from device to device.

Individualised portals: Each student is given their own lab environment that they can access from any computer or device. This makes it easier for them to study and achieve exceptional outcomes no matter where they are.

Practical, real-world scenarios: Our team works with your faculty to develop realistic scenarios for your curriculum that prepare students for real-life situations they may face in the data science industry.

Flexible solution: As your courses change, so can eduLAB environment. Our platform offers a flexible solution that can be altered as needed.

Unparalleled connection: eduLAB makes it easy for teachers to oversee student progress, conduct an intervention strategy and provide feedback in real-time.

How we tailor our learning portal to your needs

Whether you’re using eduLAB for data science, analytics, cyber security or software engineering courses, our team works with your faculty to get the details right. We adapt our learning portal to provide tailored lab environment based on your curriculum, establishing lab scenarios that are measureable, realistic and designed to help your students achieve exceptional outcomes. Plus, teachers and trainers can easily monitor student progress, conduct an intervention strategy and provide feedback in real-time.

Speak to one of our experts today

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