Australia’s Premier Cyber Security Virtual Computer Lab

eduLAB makes it easier than ever for institutions to offer highly specialised cyber security coursework that students can access anywhere and at any time. Our cloud-based virtual computer lab is used by vocational and higher education institutions throughout Australia, providing customisable and expertly tailored solutions to suit the academic needs of your students.

Our hands-on approach makes it possible for students and teachers to access a complex lab environment entirely remotely. Providing end-to-end customisation depending on the needs of your course, it’s the best way to offer complete flexibility without compromising on learning outcomes.

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Offer tailored online courses with our cyber security learning portal

eduLAB understands that each institution has a different approach to curriculum, and each area of study requires different methods of learning. This is why we work with your faculty to tailor our lab environment in a way that aligns with your course and desired learning outcomes. Your team can even request specific learning scenarios to ensure that students can virtually access the same style of cybersecurity coursework as they would in-person.

Specialising in analytics, data science, software engineering and cyber security courses, we understand better than anyone the specific learning tools that each student needs to thrive. By ensuring that every element is available in one place, our cloud-based computer lab makes it possible for students to learn remotely or to easily pick up their studies between home and campus without the hassle of transferring the project files.

Why choose our cyber security cloud-based computer lab?

eduLAB’s seamless cloud-based approach offers infinite learning possibilities for students all over Australia and internationally. With the ability to access this platform via PCs, Mac, or Chromebook, students can complete assessments, receive assistance and intervention from academics and gain practical experience with virtual lab scenarios.

In addition to increased accessibility and flexibility for students and staff, our cyber security learning portal offers a scalable solution that can easily be altered to meet the changing needs of your curriculum. This makes it easier than ever to execute seamless changes in coursework or assessments, benefitting both your students and staff.

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