Higher Education

Real-Life Scenarios


eduLAB Higher Education practical activity resources challenge students with ‘real-life’ scenarios through a customised platform, relevant to a specific curriculum required by an individual education institution.



eduLAB technical team works closely with your academic team in creating required lab scenarios that align with assessments to satisfy learning outcomes.

Beyond the Classroom


eduLAB portal can be accessed by your staff members and students anytime, anywhere. Therefore, learning becomes unlimited and goes beyond the classroom environment.

Contextualised Virtual Computer Lab

eduLAB offers contextualised Virtual Computer Lab * (VCL) with predefined applications that align with learning outcomes for each subject. It is created in collaboration with the faculty’s academic team. When the academic team requests the types of scenarios, applications and computers to be added in VCL, eduLAB makes it happen. If you want to offer practical Information Technology or/and Cybersecurity courses where all the learning tools are in one place, you need eduLAB.

* Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) is a term used by eduLAB where multiple predefined virtual computers along with learning resources are in one place, in the eduLAB portal.

eduLAB is ideal for


Bachelor of Information Technology


Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development)


Bachelor of Information Technology (Network and Cybersecurity Systems)


Bachelor of Information Technology and System

Your Learning Management System (LMS) and eduLAB

eduLAB portal is compatible with a number of LMS such as those mentioned below. You can continue using your LMS for communicating to and supporting your students.

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