Higher Education

Cloud-based computer lab environments perfect for your curriculum

Access virtual computer lab environments that meet the industry standards every time.

Flexibility & Scalability

Eliminate large investment in a lab setup and upgrade. You only pay for labs students use and can provide access to a learning platform more or fewer students easily. Any classroom can be quickly turned into a computer lab or offer lab classes online.

eduLAB works on all devices


Eliminate lab bookings. Students have access to learning tool in class and at home 24/7. You can offer the individualised sandbox where students can practise, make mistakes and learn more. Let students access the lab environments from any of their favourite devices (MacBook, PC and Chromebook). Give the same lab experience in online or face-to-face delivery.

Monitoring and Compliance

Generate progress reports to identify individual student needs. Access the student’s learning portal to provide help exactly where needed. Verify users anytime.

eduLAB thrives in


Bachelor of Information Technology


Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development)


Bachelor of Information Technology (Network and Cybersecurity Systems)


Bachelor of Information Technology and System